How To Order Your Wholesale and Custom Design Sarongs & Pareos.

Welcome to our wholesale ordering information page!

Over the years we have established long term trading relationships with many customers around the world. Our customers always order in advance for the coming summer season in their part of the world, so we all plan well ahead with our production.

In order for us to serve you in a timely manner and to ensure that you have your wholesale sarongs and pareos made, shipped and in your shops at the right time please contact us at least 1 months prior to when you require delivery for large orders and 2 weeks for orders of 1000 or less.

If you are ordering “Custom Designs” (either your own designs or we design for you, to your requirements) then please contact us at least 2 weeks to 1 months prior to your targeted delivery time.

Below you will find some guidelines for ordering. Please read them carefully so that you are prepared to make your order. Also please make a note of any questions that you have and email them to us using the Sarongs Contact Form or call us in the factory on the following number: (+62) 361 241 326

In the case of “custom design sarongs and pareos” please refer to the special section below.

You are most welcome to visit us in Bali and take a tour of our factory and shops .

Request Access To Our Batik Sarongs, Garments and Linens Catalog

1)  Please contact us by email using the “Contact Form”. (opens In a New Browser window or tab)

Please include any questions that you have. Please include your approximate order quantity.

Please ensure to enter both your phone and email contact information on the contact form, to ensure timely response.

2)  Once you have contacted us will will create a “Wholesale Account Access” for you with a unique username and password. To access our sarongs catalog simply log in on the right hand sidebar of any page on  the website.

Ordering Process For Wholesale Batik Sarongs and Pareos

We have an extensive range of “In House” designs that are available to you.

1) Once you have received you “Wholesale Catalog Log In Details” please browse our catalog and make your selection

2) Email us with details of your choice of Sarongs, Garments or Linens and also the order quantity

If you need some help please call us in the factory on: (+62) 361 241 326

3) Having made your choice and size of order we will then email you a “Firm Quotation” and our banking details.

Our terms are 60% deposit and 40% balance when the sarongs have been made, prior to shipping. When the final balance has been received the sarongs will be cleared for shipping. We can arrange a shipping agent for you, or use the shipping agent of your choice.

Order Proces For Your Own “Custom Design” Wholesale Sarongs and Pareos

Firstly please be assured that your custom designs remain your own property and will never be offered to, shown to,
or reproduced for any person other than yourself. Your confidentiality is assured 100%.

  1. We have been making custom designs for many years and have always served our customers with the same loyalty that they have served us.
  2. We work with the “Pantone” colour charts so plerase ensure that your designs have the correct colour coding for each part of the design.
  3. When you submit your designs we will review them and assess the best way to make them using our batik techniques. We will offer any suggestions, based on our experience, that we feel could improve your design.
  4. Your design must be digital artwork in Adobe Illustrator format. If you require us to design a digital file from your drawings a design fee may apply.
  5. Once we have assessed your design and the work involved in creating it we will be able to give you a “Firm quotation” by email. Prior to having finalised the design we can provide you with an “Indicative Quotation”
  6. One you have signed off on the final design, and sent payment by wire transfer, we will then book your place in the production queue. For “Custom Designs” 100% payment is required before production commences. Your shipment will be sent on completion of the consignment.

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