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Aomar was born in Algeria in North Africa and moved with his family to Monteal in Canada when he was in his early teens. In Canada he progressed through school and college and was drawn to art and design, taking a graphic design course.

After a few years of working for a well known fashion company he opened a large store in downtown Montreal and was one of the first people to import Batik from Indonesia.

After a few years of travelling to and from Bali he finally decided to follow his passion and move to Bali to start his own batik design company.

It was 14 years ago in 1995 that Bouchra Design was born and over the years Aomars batik fabric designs have become well known in Japan, Europe, Hawaii, Tahiti, New Caledonia, and the Pacific Islands.

Aomar is now happily settled in Bali with Indonesian wife and three children and has just embarked on his latest creative pursuit which is designing a complete batik linen and homewares range.

If you ever come to Bali in search of the best wholesale batik sarongs, then be sure to drop into Aomar’s factory in Denpassar. You only have to spend a few minutes with him, as he guides you round the factory and explains the batik process, to know that Aomar is living his passion!

And you only need take a glance at some of the happy faces of Aomars staff to know why the Bouchra Design family is such a thriving business!

bouchra design bali staff

“What Sarong?” is an Article that was published in a Bali magazine

what sarong to buy
sarong article



 Any day of the week, a stroll down Double Six Road will reveal trades doing their business on thisbustling little road.

The prize is sarongs and few areas trade so heavily in a huge range of this humble item that has proved so useful over time. Indonesia has a great heritage in the Batik craft and while many of the sarongs youwill find are now mass-produced, you will find an incredible variety here.With a starting price of around Rp. 30.000,- the sarongs become cheaper if you are buying more and have handy bargaining skills.

You will find the quality changes with the price and the newest retailer on the block, Bouchra Textiles, is doing a brisk business in very high – end hand painted sarongs, including some irresistible silk ones. Retailing at Rp. 500.000,- they are not the stuff of trades necessarily, but add up what they will cost you in the West and you can justify purchasing one of these art works on silk.The range also includes chiffon and high quality rayon, also featuring the hand painted designs.

Rayon is the fabric of choice for sarongs and there are gradings. The thinner sarongs are sarongs areusually produced in rayon no. 2. Some people prefer it, as they are light to wear and dry easily. Others want the smooth tightly woven no. 1 Rayon, superior in quality but heavier.

Sarongs these days also come embroidered, either by and or machine, and sequined. The colors are vibrantand the patterns rely on both traditional and very modern designs.

More expensive are the painted sarongs, and while most are much cheaper than the ones at Bouchra, they are more often used as wall hangings than worn.

There are a number of retailers that specialize in what is known as a double process. By nature the sarong will feature a pattern carved out in white. As wax is applied, by stamp normally, the white sarong is dyed before the wax is removed, leaving the pattern in white relief against the color. Some companiest then dye it again, resulting in the name, and a more textured sarong.

Sarongs can be used almost everywhere. In fact there are already books available on the many uses; from wearing it as a scarf to wrapping the cat to visit the vet, as throws and a cover for your sun lounger and so on and on and on.

Double six retails have also discovered the concept of value-added with dresses, tops and caftans now being produced using sarongs, including the batik silks which are also available in a few select retailers.

Even local retails will head to Double Six to top up their stock and sell them on for a higher price, so as well as feeling like a trader for a moment you can thrill to the sound of a bargain. Double Six also has a number of boutiques, which offer retail shipping as well as wholesale. Wow !! is one of there and they offer a selection of casual pants, dresses and leather bags which then show up in boutiques and markets around the world, there are increasingly more as renovations reveal smarter and
more creative retailers.

Double Six Road, so named for the famous nightclub on the beach at the end of this busy shopping street, is must – stop for traders, which makes it a great place to shop for everyone. After all, why go home and pay triple or more for the wonderful merchandise you can find right here. (Double Six leads to the beach at the edges of Legian and Seminyak.)

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