Welcome to our website for Bouchra Design,Bali.

 This web site is intended to provide you with some simple information about sarongs and pareos and also to open the doors for you to our batik sarong and pareo wholesale manufacturing business in Bali.

Although I say manufacturing, as we do produce considerable quantities for global export, all of our processes are hand performed.

As you browse through our pages you will find some tips and techniques for tying and wearing sarongs and pareos and also some great photos of our batik process, our wonderful staff and some examples of our recent wholesale sarong designs. The main menu is on the left and you will find extra navigation links in the pages.

I hope that you enjoy our website and if you are in Bali take the opportunity to visit our factory retail outlet shops.

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Here You’ll Learn All About Sarongs & Pareos And How They Are Made

about-sarong-pareo-batik-processBouchra Design has been handmaking colourful batik sarongs and pareos in Bali since 1995 and over the years we have finessed and improved on the traditional batik techniques to be able to consistently deliver high quality wholesle sarongs and wholesale pareos.

On this web page we guide you through the entire production process, from the waxed fabric, to the painting and the sewing. All of our designs are done in house and we regularly create intricate custom designs for our many customers world wide.

Take a couple of minutes to learn more about our handmade batik sarong production.

Here’s Some Information About Sarongs and Pareos You May Find Interesting!

how-to-tie-sarongTo correctly tie a sarong or tie a pareo can be a little confusing at first as there are many different ways and many different uses.Learn how to tie a sarong, how to tie sarong. You may want to learn how to tie or how to wear a beach sarong, sarong skirt or a sarong dress.

On this page our beautiful models will show you the best ways to tie each type.

Click this link to visit our “How to tie a sarong” page.

What is Sarong or Pareo?

handpainted-batik-sarongThe sarong, as it is called in Indonesia or pareo as it is called in the French speaking islands of the world, is a simple hand made, hand coloured, item of clothing worn by men and women. It is a large rectangular piece of material, which is wrapped around the waist or body and worn as a skirt/dress for women or as a kilt for men.
The sarong pre-dates sewing and as such was one of the first acticles of clothing adopted by many indigenous peoples from around the world.

For more of the history of sarongs and pareos visit our sarong links page.

What is Batik?

Batik is a material dying process which is traditionally associated with sarongs. A pattern of wax, which is resistent to dying, is applied to a piece of material and then different dyes are used to colour the material in between the wax patterns. There were few natural colous of dye available in ancient times, so most traditional sarongs are shades of brown in colour.

Traditionally different patterns of batik were used to identify social rank and royal lineage and some patterns were used to depict the concepts of the universe and the gods.

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